Around Space T.V. Show
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DC-L5 produces a television show called "Around Space"
Fairfax Public Access (FPA) Channel 10 in Fairfax, VA.  
"Around Space" began production on July 14, 2001.

"Around Space" airs the third  Sunday of the month at
1:00 p.m., Thursday at 6:00 a.m., and Friday at 8:30 p.m.
on Cox Cable and Verizon FiOS Channel 10.
Around Space T.V. Shows
Space Tourism
Journey Through the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
Space Retrospective  (A  Look at the Early Days of the U.S. Space Program)
Going to Mars Parts 1-4
Model Rocketry Part 1
Pan Aero X-Prize Team
The Problem with Mars
Space and the War Against Terrorism
NSS Roadmap to Space:  Benchmarks
NSS Roadmap to Space:  Barriers
TGV Rockets (Two Guys and a Van)
So, You Want to Make a Telescope Parts 1 & 2
Nuclear Space Propulsion:  The Early Days
The Near Earth Asteroid Threat (
Gold Telly Award Winner)
The Mars Desert Research Station
Entombed Crators on Mars
(Silver Telly Award Winner)
Space and the War Against Terrorism
Search for Life on Mars (
Silver Telly Award Winner}
Russian Space Stations Parts 1 and 2
Space Entrepreneurs
HIPWAC (and its view of Mars ozone)
Mars Exploration Methods  (
Bronze Telly Award Winner)
RLVs and Spaceports
Commecial Space
History of Time Scales
Relativity and the GPS (
Bronze Telly Award Winner)
Lobbying Congress for Space
Making of a PSA
Model Rocketry Part 2
Space Tourism and Space Exploration Ventures   (
Bronze Telly Award Winner)
Genesis:  The Story of Apollo 8  (
Bronze Telly Award Winner)
Space Debris
About Things That May Be Seen in the Sky
A Little Bit of History
Space Activism and You
Space, What Now?
The Space Frontier Foundation
The Space Fontier Foundation:  Commercial Space
The Present and the Near Future
The Atmosphere of the Jupiter and Saturn Systems
Auroras of the Solar System
Journey Through the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope Part 2
Space Art
Space Tourism 2006
Run Over by a Comet:  What is Deep Impact? (
Silver Telly Award Winner}
Run Over by a Comet:  Deep Impact's Impact on Knowledge of Solar.......
Comercial Space;  The Early Days
Shakespeare and the Stars Part 1
Shakespeare and the Stars Part 2
IMAX Roving Mars:  Behind the Scenes (
Silver Telly Award Winner}
Ambassador for the Solar System
A Unique Star Park
Space Art:  Interplanetary Spacecraft
Lunar Exploration and Settlement
To Mars From Where?
ISDC 2007:  Virgin Galactic and the Future of Personal Spaceflight
Space-Based Solar Power
IMAX in a Basement
Space Art:  Journey to the Outer Solar System
Mars Update 2008
NEO Threat
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers
Galactic Black Holes
Back to the Moon:  LRO and LCROSS
Space Elevators
Nuclear Rockets Part 1:  The Politics
Space:  An Air Force Perspective
Space Art 2008
Nuclear Rockets: The Science
The Hubble Space Telescope Part 1
The Hubble Space Telescope Part 2
Mars Phoenix
The Big Bang Theory
George Gamov
The Nuclear Rocket: Making Our Planet Green, Peaceful, and Prosperous Part 1
The Nuclear Rocket: Making Our Planet Green, Peaceful, and Prosperous Part 2
Space Solar Power
Space Art 2009
Commercial Human Spaceflight
Where Should We Put Our Money in Space?
NASA's Future and the Future of Space Science
Crossing the Threshold: Advancing into Space to Benefit the Earth
VASMIR and Other Bizarre Tech
Space Art 2010
Lost Spacecraft: The Search for Liberty Bell 7 Part 1
Lost Spacecraft: The Search for Liberty Bell 7 Part 2
The Commercial Spaceflight Federation
The Politics of Space
Hazard in Space--Space Debris
Apollo 11: Data Transmission Between Earth and Moon
Space Exploration Through Art 2011
To Mars on 4 Cents a Day
In Search of Real UFOs
Skywalking with Former Astronaut Tom Jones
Planetology with Former Astronaut Tom Jones
Identifying Mysterious Light in t0e Sky
Commercial Space: Telstar to 2012
Space Exploration Through Art 2012
Commercial Space: Emerging Flight Opportunities for Young People
Astronomical Spectroscopy
Terraforming Mars
Three Good Astronomy Reads
The Case for Re-usable Space Transportation
Three Lesser Known Space Telescopes
Space Exploration Through Art 2013
Stellar Evolution
The State of U.S. Manned Space Policy
Space Guard and Planetary Defense
Lunar and Phobos Space Elevators
NASA's Next Giant Leap
The Planetary Society
RECONS: Our Stellar Neighborhood
Exoctic Telescopes
Journey to Mars Through Art 2014
Turbo Charged Telescopes
Dragonfly Telephoto Array
Asteroid Mitigation
New Horizons/Pluto Part 1
New Horizons/Pluto Part 2
MarsOne Project
Journey to the Jupiter System Through Art 2015
Gravity Waves
Planet 9
Robust Reusable Rocket Revolution
Space Music for Kids

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